Friday, September 26, 2008

Company Retreat

A couple of weekends ago, Kimball Property Maintenance had their annual company retreat. This is where Kimballs takes their main managers and their families to snowbird for a fun filled weekend. We had such a great time. Josh is really good friends with the people he works with and our families get along really well, which makes it that much more enjoyable. We had fun rock climbing, swimming, playing tennis and just hanging out! Our room was huge and very nice to relax in. A big thank you to my dad who hosts this wonderful event and for spoiling all his employees. We are so grateful Josh has such a great job to support our little family. And more importantly, we are so grateful that he really enjoys working there! I, of course, forgot our camera so thanks to my sister Kelsi for these pictures!

Josh rock climbing

Savanna and Mommy

Grandma and Savanna... love that big grin!

Mommy, Savanna and Aunt Kelsi

Monday, September 22, 2008

Our "Chessy" moment!

So, all through mine and Joshes relationship, I have always quizzed him on "what was it about me that you liked... what was it that attracted you to me?" This is due to all of his many women fans that seemed to follow him where he went! He has always teased me and said "Hmmm.. maybe it was this, or maybe it was that" and would give me funny answers. It wasn't until we got married that he finally broke down and said it came down to a few things. First, my CURLY hair. He LOVES LOVES LOVES curly hair. Apparently my our of control curl was something that attracted him! Second, my smile. I think I have an outrageously big, over the top grin, but he loves it! There are some other things that I am a little too shy to share but those are the 2 main things that attracted him to me :) Now, why am I telling you this... yesterday we were driving in the car and the song "All these things" by Stephen Speaks came on and we both just smiled and laughed because it fit us so well! I tired to get it to play on here but doesn't have it in their system :( But I still couldn't resist sharing our cheesy moment together. I love you babe!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Oh, I can not begin to tell you of our excitement! The second she said boy, I was crying, Josh was smiling a very proud smile and just sheer JOY overcame the both of us. We ended up going to Fetal Fotos, which is so much fun. We went there with Savanna and the little video and memories, were so fun so we had to do it again with this one. I was so glad to have my mom there too... I wish Joshes mom could have made it :( Anywho, just thought I would share the very fun news. Here are some of the cute pictures they got... I know, I am a proud mom already.

Friday, September 12, 2008

The time has finally come!

Well folks, the time has finally come... my little Savanna ACTUALLY HAS HAIR! And enough that I can do piggy tails. This has been monumental for me and I am so happy! I thought I might share this cute picture of her sporting her new hair-do. Seriously, I think she is the prettiest thing ever, hair or not, and I will argue with whoever thinks otherwise!

First picture

I thought I would share the first picture of Baby Mitchell with everyone. Our Dr. apt. went GREAT! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr. Later. I am so grateful things worked out with our insurance so that I am able to deliver with him again. Everything looks great and I am scheduled to have this baby March 7.... it seems WAY too far away and I wish it would go by faster! I am feeling a lot better, although I still have bad days, but over all GOOD. Thanks for all the love and prayers from everyone. We are going to find out the sex of the baby in 2 weeks and I can hardly wait. We are crossing our fingers for a boy!