Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Some of Makades best moments...

YES, Makades favorite person is Savanna... YES Savanna is a GIRL... so YES Makade likes to play with GIRLS... including Savannas BFF Katie... and YES they play dress up. I personally think he ROCKS girls dress up clothes... and as you can see, he is VERY proud! Enjoy!
(Oh and YES Josh is going to KILL me for posting these)
Katie, Savanna and Makade
Everyone knows that shoes MAKE the outfit!
Here, Makade is sporting his PJ pants AND Savannas bright yellow leggings... Oh yeah, thats my little man!
PS... everyone says Makade is in desperate need of a little brother, but according Savanna, our next child WILL be a girl... she has already had a "talk" with Heavenly Father!