Tuesday, September 7, 2010

6 Years and counting...

Has it really been 6 years?!? WOW... amazing how the time truly flies by! It has been an adventurous, amazing, lesson filled 6 years. I am so grateful for all I have lived and learned in these short years of marriage. I have many more to come and I look forward to each trial and memory that is ahead. This year, we were lucky enough to share our anniversary with my parents in Malibu California! It was ... BLISSFUL! My parents anniversary is the day before ours so it worked out nicely that we could slip away for a few days to enjoy some much needed fun in the sun ... CHILDLESS! And what would I do without my sweet baby sister? Oh Kelsi I am eternally grateful for you watching my sweet kids... THANK YOU! We ate at AMAZING restaurants, we rode bikes on the beach, we shopped at a beautiful new mall(seriously BEAUTIFUL does not begin to do it justice), we slept in and had room service, we had SO MUCH FUN! My parents seriously spoil us rotten :) It was a perfect weekend to spend with my handsome husband of 6 years. Josh, you are my soul mate, love of my life, my true partner in crime and I am honestly, so blessed to have you forever and eternity! Happy 6 years baby! PS... some day I will be really good at taking tons of pictures... until then, I am glad to snap at least 1 at each event!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

FIre Pit

It's finally done... YAY! Josh has been working so hard all summer on finishing our fire pit and we LOVE IT! It has technically been done for a few months, but I am so behind on my blog that I am just now getting around to sharing it with everyone. So sorry, but some things are worth documenting no matter how late! I should really take an after picture from then to now... that big mass of dirt behind us in now grass,we put in a another fresh layer of rock, shrubs are about double the size, but this was our 1st actual fire. Poor Makade missed out on all the fun because he fell asleep, but Savanna LOVED it. Growing up, my grandma Casper had a fire pit in her backyard and it was tradition at every family gathering to roast marshmallows and hot dogs... along with playing red rover, color eggs and a few other games that bring a smile to my face thinking about them! My parents have a wonderful fire pit in their yard too, so of course I HAD to have one. My sweet husband made my wish come true... thanks babe! So, now we only have 1 little spot in the yard that I want a water feature... I know I'm not asking a lot, that should be easy right!?! I mean my husband DOES work for a landscaping company! So here is to lots of parties at our house next summer when the yard is fully done!

Last Recital... sniff, sniff

Clear back in June, I had my piano/vocal recital. It seriously makes me emotional just writing about it! Josh and I have gone back and forth about my teaching. It has been such a blessing for my family, but mostly for ME. Lets face it, I have LOVED teaching. Being able to share my passion and love for music, with sweet young kids is THE BEST! Over the past year I have cut back and cut back... started with 45 students and ended with 9. But, the past 6 months things have gotten a little crazy with my kids. I felt like the last few months of teaching I changed my schedule more than I had in 5 years. And that was just not fare for my students. So after talking it over, Josh and I decided it was best to stop teaching. I think my 1st phone call I cried the entire time. It didn't get much easier, but as least I could carry on an actual conversation! Thankfully all the parents and kids were all so understanding... made it a little easier. I will miss teaching terribly. But it will be very nice to not have to worry about trying to switch and rearrange my schedule! I can proudly say I am a full time mom and I love it! To my sweet sweet loving students... I will miss you so much. Thank you for teaching me probably more than I ever taught you. Each of you are amazing in your own way I am grateful I had the opportunity to teach you something you can carry with you FOREVER!
Here are the darlings at my last recital.