Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Preschool Graduate!

Well it's official... my baby girl graduated from Preschool. Well, technically speaking, not from preschool all together, just her 1st year. We found an awesome preschool for 2 year olds and it has been such a great experience. Savanna desperately needed interaction with kids her age instead of always mommy, daddy, grandma... and Vision is the only preschool I found that offers a 2, 3 and 4 year old program and is also a dance studio! We scored when we found them! Savanna had a great year and made lots of new friends. Her class was called the Monkey class(2-3 year olds). They did many fun projects, learned letters, numbers and colors ... it really has been very fun for her. Next year she will be in the Panda class(3-4 year olds). Because of their overwhelming enrollment, they will have 2 Panda classes... a regular one and a more advanced one. Felt so honored when they have asked Savanna to do the more advanced one :) My cute little smarty pants! Today they had a cute little program for their Monkey graduates... songs, presentation of projects and a fun picnic lunch for the Monkeys and their moms. All the kids were so proud and were strutting their stuff! And I'm so proud of my little graduate.
Savanna and her friend Brianna waiting to walk in. Look at them holding hands ...SO sweet
Walking in to graduation
The entire Monkey class... and although Savanna got 12 hours of sleep, she is still yawning!
Singing their Monkey song
My beauty!
Watching their teacher talk to the mommies... such good listeners!
Savanna and Mason... I think she has a crush on him. I would hear about him every day after preschool!
Savanna and Brianna
Savanna and Miss Lisa
Savanna and Miss Katie... Miss Katie was Savannas teacher most of the year. She was pregnant with twins toward the end and needed to rest instead of teach, so that's when Miss Lisa started teaching. Savanna loves them both.
Savanna and Miss Jade... she was the class helper.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My BIG boy

Makade is getting so big... good and sad thing! I was telling Josh how much I was looking forward to this summer... first summer in 3 years that I haven't been pregnant or had a brand new baby. This summer will be spent playing, having fun... not caring for a new born or hugging the toilet from the baby in my belly! So I am very excited that Makade is ready to rock and roll... play with the big kids... but I am so sad to see him get so big! He amazes me every day and can get into trouble faster than you can say the word! He is NAUGHTY NAUGHTY NAUGHTY!!! He LOVES his binky... he has recently mastered the art of chewing food WHILE he sucks on it... LOVES to eat... plays like a true boy, always has a bump, bruise or scratch on him... LOVES his big sister... and of course is STILL a mamma's boy! He is my little cuddle bug... he has a very strict morning routine. Wakes up, I get him, gets his juice and snuggles with his mommy! And is a very grumpy if this routine gets interrupted! I love him and love seeing his sweet personality come to life!
Oh and he can also smile with his binky in his mouth!
And this would be the face when he doesn't have his binky in his mouth!

Lil' Dancin' Bug

Savanna recently had her year end dance recital. She has had a GREAT year taking dance classes. Such a sweet little dancer. All her teachers say how wonderful and talented she is... we couldn't be more proud. And best of all, she has so much fun doing it! Her BFF's, Liv and Katie, take with her and the 3 of them have a blast! We are looking forward to another great year at Vision and can't wait to see what cute dance they come up with next! All the girls were bugs for the dance... either a lady bug or a bumble bee. I have seriously, never seen such a cute group of little girls! They all did such a great job and the dance was TO DIE cute!
The pre show ritual... oh the things we do to be beautiful!
All the CUTE lil' bugs!
Waving cute... all the dancers telling their teachers and studio owners "thank you"!
She was so excited Grandma Kimball got her favorite treat... chocolate covered strawberries! Yummy
And Daddy gave her some beautiful flowers!
As the night went on, she would NOT smile... here she is with Aunt Kelsi!
Trying hard not so smile with Daddy tickling her!
Savanna and her teacher Brooklyn... still NOT smiling!
Only way we could get her to cooperate was to do a "silly" face!
Savanna and Liv
My beautiful daughter!
Giving her daddy loves but still NO smile!
This picture pretty much sums up the "after recital" night... Savanna didn't want to smile any more, Katie didn't have a nap so her mom was holding her in the picture and Liv was just happy go lucky! The DRAMA girls bring!

Friends, friends and more friends!

Savanna has become quite the little social girl! She LOVES to play with her 2 best pals Liv and Katie. Every single day, she has a friends over here. I have never understood parents who get upset when the weather is bad or during the winter... now that I have a child that has friends over here 24-7, I SO UNDERSTAND! On rainy days, I just want to cry! The kids LOVE our backyard, and I LOVE that I can send them out to play. Many options outside... playhouse, tramp, tramp with sprinklers, bikes, scooters, just RUNNING and LAUGHING! Oh the joys of being a kid!
Savanna and Liv
Savanna and Katie... and this would be an example of a rainy day... should have seen her room! WOW! But they are super cute playing together (both of which, are wearing Savannas PJ's)

Daddies BIG helpers

Josh has been working very hard in the yard these past few months... I had mentioned I wanted a fire pit and so Josh got to work. It is SO close to being done... ah, I can almost smell the fire! He did a great job re-landscaping the entire back of the backyard... new design, new rock, new plants, new sandstone patio... I LOVE IT! We just have some final touches left and then we will be roasting marshmallows! Can't wait! Many fun summer nights ahead. Here is Josh with the help of the kids... they are always SUCH big helpers!
Oh, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE our new tramp! Best purchase ever!