Friday, August 27, 2010

School Time

I can not believe the summer is basically over and it is time for school! WOW! It went so fast. But Savanna is S O O O ready to be back in school... structure... stimulation... friends... fun... LEARNING! This year, we changed things up and Savanna is attending Kinder Prep Academy Preschool. My close friend Melissa runs this preschool and I could not be happier with our decision. Savanna was going to start taking violin lessons from Melissa this fall and when she told me she was starting a preschool and incorporating violin in the curriculum, my decision was made! Not only will Savanna get an AWESOME education with Miss Melissa, but she will also learn the violin! YAY! And most important, Savanna LOVES it! I taught Melissa's kids piano for years so Savanna loves the Keller family and feels so at ease and comfortable over there. It was tough for me to leave Vision (her old preschool) but this just was a better fit for us. But she is still taking dance from Vision so we will see all her old buddies from last year! Here's to a great new school year!
This was her right when she was done... she was SO hyper... hence the pose! She was so excited to show me her sticker on her nose too!
This is Kiesa, one of Melissa's daughter, and Savanna! SHE LOVES KIESA! Savanna insisted on picking out her outfit. I think she did a GREAT job!
Josh LOVES to pull funny faces... it is rubbing off on Savanna!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Well, as you can see, we really have been having a very fun summer! Doing everything BUT updating my blog! Here is to fun times.
Ok, I feel SUPER guilty that I barely took ANY picture in this month. We had such a great month too and I barely documented it :( too busy running around and chasing after kids. Our month started out in Fillmore for the 4th of July. My dads entire side (Kimball and Chirstensen) is from there. This year, the Chirstensen Family Reunion was there and I tell ya what, for such a small town, they sure put on a good show. All hotels were BOOKED, tons of campers, just loads of people! The parade was great and it was nice to see family and friends!
The loves of my life hangin' in our hotel room... anxiously awaiting the parade!
The rest of July was spend with family. My sister and her family came from Tennessee and visited for 3 weeks! 3 whole weeks of FUN and adventure... again, all of which I barely even have evidence of. We had a HUGE open house with, I would say, a good 75 people! My parents back yard was the perfect place for such an event. We had family all the way from Texas to Las Vegas visiting. Such a good time! We spent the rest of the fun days swimming at Willow Creek, Cowbunga Bay, SHOPPING, girls night getting pedicures, family pictures, Park City house, alpine slide, Beehive house, Draper Days. Worst part of July, my poor husband worked most of the time. But the best part... time with my BEST FRIENDS! I love you mom, Aubrey and Kelsi ... we were destined to be together in this life and the next, and I can not imagine going through all my crazy adventures with out you!
Oaklee, Savanna and me at Temple Square
Joseph Smith Building... we ate at the Garden... YUM!
Draper Days Parade... Makade was not a happy camper!
Oaklee and Savanna... cousins... best friends!
Me and my HOT hubby!
Mini Josh... aka Makade


Last month Josh and I ventured to Boston. Josh had a business thingy there (and I say that because that is about as much "business" we did). 99.9% of it was PLAY! There was a conference and my dad took his 5 main people and their spouses. YAY for me! And YAY that my mom is a "spouse" too! We had such a great time and my dad, as usual, spoiled us all rotten! My sweet little sister and her boy friend were kind enough to watch the kids so we could go as just adults! It was difficult for about the first day... then I was totally over it and enjoyed being just ME. Shopping in peace... eating in peace... sleeping in peace... Ahhh, PEACE! Boston has to be one of the most amazing places I have ever vacationed too. Didn't hurt that our hotel was connected to a GREAT mall... wow! But, beyond that, Boston is so historic and it was such a privilege to go and visit all the amazing sights. I forgot my camera charger (ARGH) so these pictures are just a glimpse of our fun Boston adventure!
Waiting for Subway
Mom and Josh... look at the church behind them!
Harvard yard was A M A Z I N G! WOW! We did this fun tour that actual Harvard students do. History was written all over that place ... I mean just in the people that have attended... Matt Damon, Bill Gates, John Adams! The architecture was incredible too! The whole campus was beautiful and we really enjoyed it!
Unfortunately, because this was classified as a "business" trip, this is what Josh was doing a good 70% of time... I wanted to throw his phone away!
Famous "good luck" statue!
My dad went on his mission here to Boston so he was our little insider that had all the fun places to go. Copley Square did not disappoint. FUN shopping, entertainment, food... what else could you ask for!
Every night we went to the greatest places to eat. I swear if I had not been so careful I would have gained about 10 pounds on this trip.
We went on this fun trolley that took us sight seeing... I know TRUE tourist... we had 11 different stops and all were amazing! We also passed a lot of fun and amazing sights!
Me and my momma enjoying play time!
Fenway Park was one of my favorite places we toured. This place is just amazing. Not a huge baseball fan but to be right there, so close to the field, hearing about the history of the Boston Red Sox... kind of got to me! Our tour guide was super funny too... made it that much more memorable. This is us in the press box! GREAT seats!
Cutest statue out front!
The Kimball "gang"... These are the 6 who run Kimball Property Maintenance and work hard so we have such a great life! Thanks Scott, Josh, Carol, Russ aka DAD, Jeff and John!
State Capitol