Monday, January 18, 2010

Some randoms, but cute ones

So these are a few random pictures I missed over the last few updates... but I still think they are blog worthy!
No real rhyme or reason to this one, other than I think it is just flat out cute!
Savanna LOVES to come in when I am teaching my music lessons. She sits and listens intently to all the advice I give my piano and vocal students. While getting ready for the Christmas recital, she told me she wanted to participate this year... So I said great! Her speech was "Hi my name is Savanna and I shall play Frosty the Snow Man"... of course she sang but she had heard so many of my students say "play" and that's what stuck! I was so proud of her for getting up there and singing her little heart out! This would be post recital... very happy at her accomplishment! Til next years recital...
Splish Splash my kids LOVE taking baths!
Josh will probably kill me for putting these on, but I laugh when I look at them.
We had Kelsi and Mitch over for rock band and my husband got so in to it! Look at Kelsi just relaxing nicely playing...
Now look at Josh! Oh I love you honey!
Oh, this is sweet... both of them fell asleep while hanging out. Savy sure loves her daddy!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Years and Holiday Fun

For New Years, my dad wanted to surprise my mom and bring my sister and her family in town from Tennessee... can I just tell you that my mom literally screamed her guts out. It was probably one of the funnest surprises I have ever been a part of. We benefited from it because I was able to have my sister and her adorable kids here for 10 days! YAY! Savanna idolizes Oaklee and loves playing with Jaxon and Dakota. Makade and Breven were DOUBLE TROUBLE together... Kade 10 months + Breven 14 months = disaster! Those 2 are going to be great friends. While they were here my dad spoiled us rotten! Some of our fun festivities involved him buying us all new ski/boarding outfits and took us up skiing twice, dinner at our favorite restaurant Last Samurai, movies, rock band, lots of yummy treats and just good old fashion fun! We had a great time at my parents home in Park City too. LOVE it up there! Thanks mom and dad for a wonderful New Years! And Aubrey... miss you terribly!
Savy, Oaklee, Jaxon, Dakota and Preston New Years Eve
Oh, my incredibly handsome boy Makade
Savanna and Oaklee
2 of my very best friends... Aubrey Kelsi and me
Daddy and Kade
Trouble boys Breven and Makade
Out enjoying the Park City snow
He stood and watched the kids playing wishing he could go play too!
Our pathetic but standing snowman!
Makade and Bonnie(my parents dog)... he LOVES playing with Bonnie
Getting ready to go skiing!
Making a gingerbread tree
Grandma Kimball was so patient in helping them!
Playing in the fun game room at my parents

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas 2009

Okay, so I know I'm a bit behind on the blogging update! Its this darn face book... so much easier to hurry and post an update on there instead of a whole blog update... but I am determined to get caught up! So here is Xmas 2009. As usual, my children were spoiled rotten. Savannas favorite item was the barbie camper thanks to her aunt Kelsi! She also loved her jewelry box full of new earrings and necklaces and her stocking Santa had left stuffed with all sorts of fun presents and goodies! She also got a new snow outfit and ski lessons compliments of Grandpa and Grandma Kimball. Makades favorite thing was opening the presents... just the tearing of the paper made him smile. He got lots of fun little toys and a nice new snow outfit that we put to good use out in the cold! Josh got me and ihome alarm clock... YAY! I have wanted one of those for ever! He also gave me "ME TIME" that includes all I want babysitting from daddy and a brand new pass to the gym. He seriously couldn't have given me anything better. Just what this woman needs... time for ME!!!! It was nice to spend Xmas morning here at our little humble abode and had everyone come over for breakfast and presents. Ahhh, such a great day! Hope every ones was a nice as ours!
Grandma Kimball and Savanna Xmas eve
Aunt Kelsi, Savanna and Makade Xmas eve

Monday, January 11, 2010

Savanna Dance Recital

Okay, so I'm thinking there aren't many things cuter than little girls in a tu tu! Savannas first dance recital did not disappoint. She looked so grown up! Her teacher even pulled me aside and said how much "she rocked" at this dance. Of course, you hope your child "rocks" but to have the teacher tell you she "rocks" is just a bonus! I hadn't seen her do it yet, seeing as parents day was in October, so her snazzy Jiggle Bell number was a complete surprise. Curtains opened and FRONT and CENTER was my baby girl! Her preschool sang some cute songs too. She sang Jingle Bells, Frosty the Snowman, Let it Snow, Once there was a Snowman and Rudolf! Sure love you Savy! It was crazy so I didn't get pictures of her biggest fans but they included... Mom, Dad, Lil brother Makade, Grandpa and Grandma Kimball, Aunt Kelsi and Mitch!
At home getting ready to go! She was seriously so excited!
Pre Performance... getting ready to go out shake her booty!
Her dance class!
Post Performance... smiling and happy!
Once there was a Snowman!
Singing her heart out!