Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kader Bader... my baby boy is 1

Can it really be? Makade is 1 years old. WOW! This year flew by. It has been so interesting having a little boy and exploring all the fun things that Makade teaches me daily. I have no brothers so it has been an eye opening experience with this little guy. For instance... I had no idea that little boys like their "thingy"' so much. I expect that of grown men, but come on... my 1 year old?!? He is also SOOOOO much MORE trouble than Savanna ever was. He finds ways to get into things that I never knew would be interesting or appealing. Pulling clothes down off hangers, putting hands in a toilet (YUCK), pulling every single pot and pan out, standing on my dishwasher door, dropping eggs on ground from inside the fridge, lotions, and that is naming just a few. He has been walking now for 2 months and is currently RUNNING to keep up with Savanna. And he is really doing a good job at that! He has the bumps and bruises to prove he is truly a little boy. No matter how he falls he always manages to land on his head. I swear he will have a per ma bruise on his left side of his forehead! With all that trouble and havoc he causes, he is still my little cuddle boy. Savanna never really cuddled or clung to me like this little guy does. MAMAS BOY! And I am so fine with that. He is much more attached to his Binky as of lately and I'm attributing that to the whole "no more nursing" thing. He has become a great little sleeper too... going down around 8 and sleeping until about 7. Thank the heavens for that... finally, I am able to sleep an entire night through! He used to be such a heavy weight and now he is a light weight. Still weighs the same as he did 3 months ago.... 20 pounds. Apparently he is tall, skinny, with a big head. Go figure! I love love love love this kid! Happy 1st birthday Kade!

Birthday morning... waving to the camera!

Savanna loves her little brother and Makade ADORES his BIG sister!
This is one of Makades many FAVORITE faces
And another favorite face
We made home made oreo cookies... Makade LOVES them... cake is later!
This is some of the crew that came to his shin dig!
Heres the birthday cake
He wasn't sure what to think about the whole diggin into the cake!
Savanna was such a good helper... she was far more excited to open the gifts than Makade.
I'm sorry, but that is a cute view!

Ugh... knee surgery!

And that is seriously the best title I could think of... besides KNEE SURGERY SUCKS... I thought that was a bit harsh! Josh was in surgery for a little over 2 hours. He had completely shredded his acl and torn his meniscus. It was, needless to say, a pretty major surgery. They graft an cadavers achilles tendon for his acl (amazing what meidcal technology can do these days) and then screwed the new tendon into the bones. Those screws will become a part of his bone and the tendon will become his new acl. He is doing really well, considering! He is in A LOT of pain but is a tough old mad (I can say that because he is 2 years older than me)! He is in a very uncomfortable brace that goes from his ankle to the top of his thigh. He will be in this for a few more weeks then he will get his acl brace which he will be in for quite a while! Hopefully in the next 5 months he will have a full 100% recovery! YAY... until then I continue to wait on him hand and foot and do everything I would normally do plus all the things he would do. That was my brief moment to feel sorry for myself. I will move on now! I am ready for him to be better... he is ready for him to be better... and everyone I ask to come help me for a second is ready for him to be better! Love you honey!

Happy Birthday to ME

Well... this was the first of MANY 29th birthday for me! :) Overall it was a good day. If you just minus out the fact that we had our gas fireplace and water heater red tagged and shut down... so I was unable to take a nice hot shower or read a great book snuggled up next to the fire, on my birthday. No biggie right?!? We had smelt gas the night before and so Josh told me to call Questar and sure enough, we had 2 gas leaks. Thank goodness they weren't "serious" leaks but none the less, they needed to be fixed! And the water heater is... fireplace is a little more complicated and not so urgent as having hot water. That one will have to wait! Other than that, my birthday was great. Josh got me an amazingly yummy edible arrangement... oh it was GOOD! And my most most favorite... ice cream cake. That stuff is the BEST! He also showed me his beautiful design for my fireplace mantel that he is building. That is the one thing I asked for... an actual mantel above my fireplace. He had started on it so he could give it to me on my birthday but thanks to his knee injury, it was put on hold... some day... soon!
Me and my baby girl... Kade was already fast asleep!