Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Savanna

Oh my little girl is officially 2!!! I can't believe it has been 2 whole years since she has blessed us with her presence. This little girl has brought so much joy and happiness to our lives... we are so lucky to have such a wonderful daughter. She had a great day... to be honest she had no idea it was different from any other day other than she got to help bake a cake, got to open presents and had everyone sing to her! For the big day, she got an entire new bedroom set. This came complete with a new big girl bed, bedding from Grandma Kimball, new chest of drawers that I painted, and just some fun accessories. I took pictures, but there are still a few things missing. Just little odds and ends I need to still get, but over all I am so happy with the way it turned out! But, I must say her favorite toy was a BALLOON Grandma Kimball got her... simple mind, simple pleasure. Here are some of Savannas latest along with her current stats.
Birth date: November 20, 2006
Height: 34.5 in.
Weight: 24 lbs.
Favorite Toy: ANY BOOK that has animals in it.
Favorite Thing to Sleep With: Her bear Daisy, blanket, and yes... still a Binky.
Favorite Word: besides mommy:) Froggy! But she substitutes a few letters. Instead of saying Froggy she says F U ** Y(add a C and a K in there and you got it!) Of course she has no idea she is saying anything but froggy!
Favorite Person other than mommy;): Grandpa Kimball! She LOVES LOVES LOVES him.
Current Sleeping Status: Goes to bed in her new big girl bed at 8:30pm and sleeps until 7:30am! She is the greatest little sleeper.
Favorite Thing To Do: Talk on the phone. She loves to call people and just talk to them.
Latest Dance Move: Shakin' her booty!
Potty Training: Still working on it... she is a stubborn little girl!
Savanna, we love you so much! You are such a big girl and we are so blessed to have you in our lives!
Savanna helping mommy bake a cake! And yes that is her morning hair!

Savanna in her new bedroom!

Opening presents

Licking her cake (this one is the simple one we baked... better one to come!)Savanna and Grandma Kimball eating cake

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dora PJ Obsession

Okay, so we recently went to Tennessee to visit my older sister Aubrey and her family. I have not yet posted pictures because I am waiting on my sweet (and very slow) little sister Kelsi to get me pictures... hint hint! Anywho, when we were there, Oaklee (my niece) was kind enough to pass down MANY MANY clothes to Savanna. I mean I had to check an entire 2nd bag to fly home with because there were so many. THANK YOU VERY MUCH AUBREY!!! One of Savannas favorites is the Dora pajamas... and let me tell you she LOVES them. She has to wear them all the time. The other day she insisted on putting them on herself which as you can see did not go so well. We finally came to a compromise and that is to put her normal clothes on and then the darn Dora shorts over top. She actually wears it very cute but I tell ya... Savanna is her Dad to a "T"... stubborn and insistent. She didn't stop until she finally got her way. I am in for a LOOONG road!

You can barely see them they are up so high... and both legs are in one side!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow

Although this will technically be Savannas 3rd winter, it will be her 1st where she can appreciate the snow. The first winter she was a new born, last year still a bit little to play in the snow, but this one... we are fully prepared. And all I can think of when I see these pictures is the movie A Christmas Story! Do ya think she is bundled up enough?!? Josh was out plowing snow so we went out to shovel our walks. I personally think there is something very wrong with the fact that I have a husband who pushes snow for a living and yet I am out shoveling my own walks... pregnant... I mean come on! But I had to teach music lessons and I didn't want my cute kids falling. Anywho, we LOVE the snow and we really NEED the snow this year, so everyone pray for a good snow filled winter!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Catching up on old times

I know that I have mentioned a couple of times that our friends the Halls are in town. Mike Hall is Joshes very best friend and these 2 are seriously like teenage boys when they get together :)They have grown up together and were both in dance and have stayed friends through all these years. Anywho, I decided since they were here we should get the old "gang" together for some much needed catching up. So last night I invited 12 couples to my house for a big blast from the past party. We had SOOOO much fun. It was mine and Joshes old dance group from way back when that we used to do EVERYTHING with. I can't begin to share all the old memories we laughed and laughed over all night long. I haven't seen some of these people for like 5 years... so needless to say it was fun. Thanks for everyone coming and sharing in the fun of old times and it was so good to see you all. The picture at the top is of the old clogging team. We are only missing a few and the group would have been complete! Ashleigh I am sorry we took these after you left and Ryan we took them before you came! (And please ignore the very pregnant belly I am sporting)

These are the dancing boys.
Brad, Rob, Mike, Patrick, Josh and Chris
More of the boys.
Rob, Brad, Mike, Adam(on ground), Josh, Chris and Paul.
The Girls!
Mandi, Mindi, Me, Nicole, Heather, Lindsey and Jen.

Dino Fun

So the other day we decided to go and have some fun at the Thanksgiving point Dinosaur Museum with out friends the Halls. They have 2 cute girls... Zoe is one year older than Savanna and Isa is one year younger... and they had so so much fun. I felt the husbands had as much, if not more, fun than the kids. Savanna was just so excited to have someone around her same age to go and play with! Enjoy these cute pictures.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Fun

Savanna had such a fun Halloween! And she looked so darn cute in her little Ladybug costume. We went to my Grandma and Grandpa Kimballs for our annual tradition of hot soup before we headed out. It was so great to see all my cute cousins all dressed up! Daddy took her trick or treating which she loved for about 15 minutes... fine by me! And may I say that I actually got a little choked up seeing my very big, almost 2 year old, go skipping away with her daddy yelling "Bye Bye mommy!" Anywho, it was a fun day. After she went to bed, Josh and I ended up reverting back to our teenage years and went to the Haunted Woods with our good friends Mike and Jen. We seriously had so much fun and I was so glad we had a night out! (And yes, I know my daughter has the worlds Cheesiest smile and I just love it!!!)
Aunt Kelsi and SavannaCousin Cassidy and SavyAll the cousins

See ya mommy!