Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Fun

Well between all the weird Utah weather, we have been able so squeeze some outside fun in. The kids LOVE to be outside... they could seriously stare at the fence and have fun... as long as it is outside! Looking forward to many more days in the beautiful sunshine! Here's to many more posts of summer fun!
Makade... with his permanently attached binky!
I was shocked he spit it out long enough to smile... and what a cute one at that!!!
Savanna and Katie playing in the swim pool. Water + pool + kids = Cheap entertainment
As Savanna would say " those are some cute lil' bum bums"!
Every year, our little circle has a fun BBQ... great food, great fun, great friends. Thanks to Debbie and Luke for hosting this year. Next year is our turn... we have high hopes all our remodeling of the landscaping will be done!
Miss Beautiful! Savanna loves to swing.
Liv, Savanna and Katie... we are so lucky these 3 girls all live in the same circle... SO MUCH FUN!
It was one of our neighbors birthdays the day of the BBQ so we celebrated with cupcakes.
As you can tell, he really liked the them!
Well, this one is inside, but we still had fun. I am Activity Days Coordinator for my church. For a fun activity we did Oreo dirt pots with sugar cookie flowers. They were so cute and the girls had a great time making them. Miss Savanna is mommies little helper and loves to do all the fun things with the girls!