Monday, October 10, 2011

Park City 2011

This summer, we were all so busy it seemed to just FLY by! We were however, able to make it up to the Park City home for an entire week of PURE FUN!!!! My parents house up there is so wonderful we didn't want to leave. We enjoyed much needed relaxation time as well as lots of fun activities.
We first went 4 wheeling... and it just so happened the day we went it had just rained. Can we say M-U-D?!? But we still had a great time!
Savanna, Aunt Kelsi and Oaklee
My boys... oh I love them to pieces
Good ol' mom and dad... a MIRACLE I was able to get them both in a picture! Thanks to them for such a wonderful week up in Park City. Nothing but playin' and fun!
Aubrey and Breven
Everyone getting ready to go play... it was seriously SOOOO muddy!
Kade, Savy and Daddy ready to ride in the mud
Makade on his little 4 wheeler
When he figured out the big 4 wheelers were much more fun, he was SO done with his little one!
Not sure why she is holding up 3 fingers... I think it was supposed to be only 2 for "PEACE"
Oh these 2 make me smile. When they get along, they really are cute together!
This is SUCH a Josh face... Like father like son
Love this girl
We spent a day playing up at Alpine Slide and all the fun activities they have going up with it. I, of course, had the privilege to sit and watch everyone go on everything, but seeing the joy in my kids faces, made it all worth it. They have a lot of fun rides besides the alpine slide now... so much fun!
Savanna, Makade, Breven and Oaklee
All the grand kids on the Kimball side with Grandma and Kelsi
Savanna and Daddy after their ride. Look at that smile... I think she liked it!
He wasn't too sure he had fun or not!
Makade, Savanna and Mommy... and baby Berklie in my belly
He did smile on this ride!
Grandma TYRING to help Mr Independent

Bike Parade 2011

While Daddy and Makade were working, Savanna and I ran over to our wards bike parade. Savanna was hesitant because she is still using training wheels, but I told her that shouldn't stop her from all the fun... and it didn't! She can't wait for next years parade!

Draper Days 2011

This fun weekend has always been a BIG deal in the Mitchell family. Ever since I dated Josh, his family has always gotten together for the parade, gathered after for a family party, then played all day at the park and ended it with some great fireworks. Fun family tradition to carry on with us! And even more fun this year with the Ewings being able to join in the festivities!
She's getting so big... Miss Sassy Savy
Savy and Daddy
Oh this boy is trouble... so cute but yet T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!!
Dakota and Makade
River and Savanna... talking about something... important!
River, Echo, Savy and Makade
Me and my honey!
Savanna and Oaklee
Watching the police motorcycles... "wow"
Makade and Savanna at Great Uncle Clyde and Aunt Connies
Water fun
Ewing Family

Days of 47 Parade Floats

We try to make it to the preview of the floats every year... I love it and I hope my kids do too! There were some amazing floats this year and we had lots of fun!
They LOVE King Fu Panda

Buddies for Life

This summer has been so much fun. For the first time, Makade and Savanna have really enjoyed each others company. These 2 can play for hours on end (with many interruptions for arguments) but overall, they are great little play buddies. Out backyard has given them many hours of enjoyment and I can't help but just smile at my 2 sweeties. Can't wait for their little sister to join in the fun!