Monday, April 5, 2010


Oh boy, the Easter Bunny sure came to our house! The kids had a great Easter and loved their baskets. My parents always got us a basket, a church outfit, a new play outfit and some fun toys that didn't always fit in the basket. Of course I HAVE to do the same for my kids. Don't laugh... I'm all about keeping up the family traditions! Savanna got a bunch of DORA stuff... she is a HUGE Dora fan right now, so she was so happy. Makade got his first little 3 in 1 trike. I think I was more excited to give this to him, than he was to get it. He is always trying to get on Savannas scooter or bike when they are outside playing, so now he will have something fun to ride too. It was a special treat to have Easter Sunday on conference weekend. We had such a wonderful day relaxing and listening to so many great talks and advice! We talked to Savanna about the true meaning of Easter... I think she is still bit young to understand it fully, but she did listen and try her hardest to grasp what we were saying! All in all, a great weekend. The worst part... not being able to feast on all the yummy candy! My stupid diet will be over in 5 days, and yes I am counting down. I keep telling myself it will so be worth it when I am done. I am 14 pounds down as of this morning... YAY!
May I PLEASE be a kid again?!?
Savanna checking out her yummy candy!
Makade loved it... and loved having Savanna push him around!
Savanna found some $$$ in an egg! You can see the excitement on her face.
Candy, candy and more candy. He was finding the eggs and opening them faster than we could stop him!
This is what we woke up too... seriously!!!! It's Easter! And supposed to be SPRING!
Grandpa and Grandma Kimball gave the kids baskets too... Savanna got a new Little Mermaid swimsuit and cover... as you can see she loved it!
This candy/toy that had a fan on it and Savanna LOVED it! Ahh, that smile!
Still eating candy. I couldn't even get the wrappers off fast enough!
Has hard as I try to keep this kid clean, it just never works... but can you care with a sweet smile like that!?!
Her new Dora glasses... she LOVES them and looks totally stylish in them!
Trying hard to pose for the camera while playing!
My sweet sister thinks she never "makes" the blog... so this one is for you Kels!
He was DONE smiling... giving his sad face!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Egg Fun

I'm not sure Makade was as "INTO" it as Savanna, but I think he still had fun! Coloring Easter Eggs was always something that I looked forward to doing as a little girl, so I'm hoping my love of the tradition will pass on to my kids. Our eggs are not prefect, elegant or award winning, but we sure had A LOT of fun. LOVE LOVE LOVE family time and making memories!
Yes, Savanna is wearing a swimsuit... even though it snowed today, she is determined if she wears her swimsuit, it will bring summer faster!
Thank you to my husband for teaching Savanna how to do "silly" faces!
Like father like daughter!

Disney On Ice

What more could a little girl want... mommy, grandma, new outfit, Disney on ice, great seats, girls night out!?! Savanna wanted to go ALL OUT ... hair, make-up, the works! We had SO MUCH FUN! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Kimball getting great seats and taking Savanna and I to see Disney On Ice. My dad was supposed to go with my mom and Savanna but I got lucky that he so willing gave up his seat for me. Savanna was an angel and loved seeing all the fun characters on the ice. We were right up close, so we could see all the detail of the skaters. Of course, Grandma SPOILED Savanna rotten... bought her all the yummy treats and toys (not to mention her cute new Tinkerbell outfit with all the fun accessories!) Josh and Makade had a boys night at home... I can't wait until Kade is old enough to go with us! Such a fun night!
Savanna loved looking at all the pretty Princess dresses at the pre-show!
Everyone always tells me they look alike... hello, yeah!
So focused on show!