Saturday, August 29, 2009

The beautiful things in my life...

Josh and I have spent a lot of time and put a lot of energy into our yard this year. We have torn out, re-planted, added, and torn out some more in our front and backyard. Currently we are working on our fire-pit in out back, but that probably won't be done until next summer. However, what is done, are our beautiful flowers in our front yard. They have been so nice but with the weather changing, unfortunately, so are they. So I had to hurry and get some pictures while I could. Of course with my beautiful flowers, I must have my beautiful babies too! They were so smiley and happy and I got some cute pictures. ENJOY!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Baby "Goo" and Baby "Boo"

Ever since Savanna was born I have always called her my baby girl! She loves it! Well, when she started to talk, some of her words had like a New York accent to it and when she said baby girl it would come out like baby gool. I have no idea how to spell it ... so I guess you will just have to say "girl" with a very strong New York accent and hopefully you will get it. So we have now made it into just baby "goo"! Of course the second Makade was born he became my baby "boo". Savanna loves that she is my baby goo and Makade is my baby boo! So here are some pictures of my babies! LOVE YOU GUYS!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Snowbird Retreat

Well, we headed up to snowbird for our annual company retreat and this year was just as fun as the years past. THANK HEAVENS the weather turned out to be good. Other than us waking up to snow Saturday morning, it really was beautiful! We just bundled up in our super cool new KPM sweatshirts and headed out! Kimball Property Maintenance sure spoiled us, as always, and we just had a blast. Savanna made lots of new friends and we had a great time chatting it up with everyone! This has been a big year for the company. They are celebrating 25 years in business. It's amazing to think my hubby works for the same company that I remember my dad starting way back when with just a couple of neighborhood boys. And now look what it has grown into... THE LARGEST landscaping company in Utah. In fact, KPM was just featured in the Snow and Ice Magazine and my dads picture was on the front. Pretty cool and such an honor to my dad and his managers. Thanks to my dad for starting a great company and thanks to Josh for working so hard to help run it and continue to build it. He works long and hard to provide such a nice life for us!

The "Girls"
Daddy whippin' the Bull in shape! Ride 'em cowboy!Daddy, Savanna and her new friendsMr. Kaders... he was such a good sport to hang in the stroller!

Coming down the slide

Daddy and Savanna

Mommy and Savanna

Daddy and Savanna going up the chair lift... she LOVED IT!

Grandma Kimball and Savanna

I know there are a lot of beautiful places but I'm sorry Utah is at the top of my list!