Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Halloween

We had such a terrific Halloween this year. The kids LOVED their costumes and were SO excited to wear them. Savanna was able to wear her costume a couple times... dance party, ward party and then of course Halloween... Kade only got the ward party and Halloween. Not sure he really cared... he was in it more for the candy. Boys, I tell ya, they are so different than girls! Unfortunately, the weather was super crappy so we packed up and headed to the mall! We even asked Savanna which she would rather do and she was totally down for the warm, DRY mall! It was pretty crazy how many people had the same brilliant idea! Super busy and packed, but lots of fun. We finished the night off with some good old fashion sugar cookie decorating and dancing to some fun Halloween music! We also watched some fun "scary" kid friendly movies and snuggled by the fire in our jammies! That's what I call the good life! Such a fun day!
Savanna, Katie and Kade at Savannas dance party
Savanna and Katie at our ward party
Fashion Place Mall
Love this picture... Savanna is beautiful but also her silly daddy in the background!

Primary Program

Well Savanna had her first Primary Program. She was super excited to say her article of faith and sing all her pretty songs. She was stinkin' cute and it was kind of weird to think my baby girl is old enough to be in a primary program... she is just growing up so fast!
Little brother looked pretty darn handsome too!