Saturday, February 6, 2010

Spoke TOO soon...

So, you know how I said Josh wasn't working on any projects right now, but I'm sure one will be coming soon... it came TOO soon! Josh has to have surgery on his knee next week :( He tore all his ligaments on the inside of his knee and partially tore his acl. Seriously?!? Thank heavens we have insurance! You never know how much you depend on someone until they are down and out! I keep turning to Josh and saying "honey, could you grab"... or "could you help me"... and then I realize I'm on my own! Here's to yucky knee surgery!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Our start to 2010

So, to put it nicely, our 2010 didn't start off too great... the first week was awesome because my sister and her family was in town, but after that, it pretty much sucked! My poor kids were SOOOO sick. Savanna had a temperature ranging between 102.7 an 104 (even got as high as 105) for a week straight. Makade had a fever off and on but his only reached 102. Both were just cranky and miserable. Savanna lost 2 pounds, all color to her skin, had big red dark circles around her eyes and complained often that she felt like she was burning. I tell ya what, all you mothers out there can sympathize with me when I say I literally got sick too. I felt so bad that I couldn't make it better. After seeing 2 different doctors, x-rays, tests... the only conclusion was viral. SERIOUSLY?!? The Mitchell home was infected with some gosh awful virus and it stayed for almost 3 weeks... 3 WEEKS! So when the end of January was near, Josh and I decided that our start of 2010 would be the month of February! And so far... it has been wonderful! So here is a little update on my little family!
  • Josh... is busy as ever. He works SO hard to provide for our family and I am eternally grateful for that! He is still working at Kimball Property Maintenance as the Production Manager. He really enjoys the people he works with and although it is tough working for "the father in law" it has been a blessing in our lives! He has no projects as of yet, but I' sure something will come soon! The kids LOVE when daddy comes home because it is all fun and play. He is such a wonderful father.
  • Michele... has finally started my work out plan. After a very long, but gratifying, year of nursing, I can now happily say it is coming to an end! So... I have been going to the gym 3 times a week, hoping to push it to 5 soon, and just getting back in "the zone"! And I must say I have missed ME time. A membership to a gym has been the best Xmas gift ever! I'm also still teaching a bit. Cut back A LOT... 40 students down to 13. But I'm not ready to give it all up yet. Still love seeing those cute faces each week and sharing my passion of music with youngsters! And a BIG thank you to my wonderful mother who watches my kids while I teach. Both of them LOVE their grandma Kimball!
  • Savanna... is 3 going on 16! WOW! The child keeps me on my toes. She is such a joy to have around and is a lot of help with little brother. She goes to Pre-School 2 days a week and dance 2 days a week and boy does she love it! All of her teachers say what a sweetheart she is and they wish there were 20 of her! She loves to play dress up and currently, is really into make-up. She has an imagination that would shock you.. it does me frequently! She is my princess... she is my love... she is my baby girl!
  • Makade... just turned 11 months today and is nothing but trouble! He is walking... yes walking and has been for a month now. He is so much earlier than Savanna was but he wants to keep up with her and he does... he is fast! He is into EVERYTHING!!!! So mischievous and he does it with a BIG GRIN on his face! He is feeling the pain of cutting back on nursing.... currently down to nights and mornings. But he will only enjoy that for another month! He loves his big sis and plays with her all day long! He is my handsome... he is my love... he is my baby boy!