Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Candy Cane Hunt

This was such a fun event hosted by Draper City! And I personally think it was perfect that it was snowing... made it really seem like Christmas time! The candy cane hunt was for all 3-6 year olds that wanted to participate. Makade was ticked he couldn't be a part of it, but Savanna shared all her findings with him! She had a blast running around hunting for all the candy canes. There was also a special visitor that showed up at the end ... wouldn't be Christmas without a visit from Mr and Mrs Clause!
Ummm, HELLO... LOVE this picture!
Let the HUNT begin!
Showing off one of her candy canes
This was his pissy "I wanna play too" look

Christmas Sunday

Growing up, we ALWAYS got a new church outfit for the Sunday before Christmas, or as we call it Christmas Sunday. And so of course, I continue that tradition with my little family! So we got all ready and snapped these photos before we headed off. I was so excited that we were able to put the camera up on the piano, set the timer, run and get in the picture and there ya go... we got a super cute family picture! I was pretty impressed with the results! Most of all, I was just excited to get a picture with ALL of us it in! It was a great day ... so fun to be able to teach Savanna the TRUE meaning of Christmas!
My little stud!
Miss Beautiful
We made some stockings for Family Home Evening... if you can see Savannas behind her... yeah, there wasn't one inch of space left for you to even see the actual stocking. She was having WAY too much fun putting EVERYTHING on there! So much fun!

Pre School Program

Savanna has had a BIG month with all her fun and special days! This is one she has looked forward to for a while. The Doll Fair Program. All the kids at preschool had been working the last few months earning buttons to use at the doll fair. She was so excited to use her buttons to buy yummy treats for mom and dad! I was able to snap these cute pictures right before we left!
Makade did NOT attend the doll fair... love this little guy but he is TROUBLE and would have been double trouble at the program. He hung out with Grandma Kimball but was excited for his BIG sister to do well!
All the kids got to bring their favorite stuffed animal to help them feel comfortable... Savanna brought her bear Daisy!
Savanna, Jocelyn, Addy.. her school buddies
Miss Melissa is AMAZING... look at the cute stage she made for the program. Seriously, LOVE this preschool! You can barely see the table in the back with all the delicious treats the kids bought with their buttons! Yum-may!
I tell ya what, this was the BEST preschool program I have EVER been too! I was totally impressed! They started out with the cutest song, then went onto the pledge of allegiance, immediately followed by singing the national anthem. Then they continued with a series of songs and poems they sang and recited from memory! All of the parents sat there in total awe of these sweet little 4 and 5 year olds! It was our best decision ever to move Savanna to this preschool. She is learning SO much and most importantly, she LOVES it and LOVES Miss Melissa!
CUTEST. THING. EVER. They did jingle bells and the kids read the notes SO well!
Singing "I'm a little tea pot"

Dancin' Girl

We had so much fun watching our princess shake her cute booty on stage! She was front and center the entire time! We all laughed our head off at the end... she was at the front point and her teacher had specifically told them to hold their pose until the curtain came down. Well it came down all right... right behind her! She stood up and looked around and tried to figure out where the heck everyone had gone! Thankfully, Katie lifted the curtain for her and she smiled and crawled under! I was bummed I turned the camera off right before it happened... what a fun memory!
Both Grandmas came to support the cute little dancer!
And of course Aunt Kelsi came too!
These were taken a few days earlier at dance class. It was parent day so we were allowed to come and see what all the cute girls have been learning!
Katie and Savanna are best buds! They do EVERYTHING TOGETHER!!!! Such cute little girls!

Happy 4th Birthday Savanna

My baby girl is 4 already!?! Savanna is my sweet, loving, tender hearted, smarty pants, love of my life princess. We are best buds and I am not sure what I would do without her! She loves to dance, sing, play with her friends, play the violin and help mommy with naughty little brother! Miss Savanna is quite a busy girl. She goes to pre school 3 days a week , dance 2 days a week, violin 2 days a week and somewhere between all of that she still finds time to enjoy being a 4 year old. She still loves chocolate milk and I am convinced she could moo if she wanted to! Like any typical girl, she loves chocolate and could eat cheese and wheat thins all day long... that or a bowl of cereal! She is really into fashion... she will be totally honest with you and tell you how pretty you look, or how much she just LOVES your shoes... but on the flip side she has no problem letting you know she doesn't like your hair or outfit you are wearing! Her favorite show is Max and Ruby and Toy Story. She is incredibly excited for Santa to come and bring her EVERYTHING! And when I say everything, I mean everything she sees... she seriously asks for anything and everything that looks fun! She is a true girly girl... loves to wear pretty dresses with princess shoes, paint her finger and toe nails pretty purple or pink with flowers! All in all, she is the sweetest little girl with the most contagious laugh and smile you will ever meet! I adore her and my life would not be complete with out her. Savanna, I love you! Happy happy birthday!

Birthday girl and little brother
We had a family party the morning of Savannas birthday so lucky her, she got to chat with Santa nice and early about all the "things" she wants! This is Savanna and her cousin Josie.
These are most of the cousins on the Mitchell side... few of the older ones missing. They all love each other and play so well together!
After the family party, we rushed home to get ready for the big friend party. We did a princess day spa... all the girls got to make princess crowns, get their nails painted and make up done.
These are 2 of Savannas very best friends... Katie and Liv. These 3 girls live in the same circle and love to play play play!
Playing ring around the rosie
Musical princess chairs. This was pretty funny! We would clap and give the girls a starburst when they got out, so they wouldn't feel bad... pretty soon, the girls wanted to get out so everyone would cheer for them and they could get a treat!
Katie was such a help in opening presents! (so was little brother)
This year we started a new tradition of a special Sunday dinner for the birthday girl/boy. This is a dinner for just grandparents and us. I seriously spent all day in the kitchen cooking but we sure had some yummy food! Savanna was in heaven that we had yet another party in her honor! This is her counting her candles, making sure all 4 were there!
She was in a very "posing" mood... You can't help but smile when you see these! (oh and please ignore the outfit... she wanted to wear "comfy" clothes and at the time, Makade was bugging her so she picked the shirt that stated her brother was driving her crazy)
Pose 1
Pose 2
Pose 3
And finally Pose 4 aka "surprise pose"!
Showing off her new Tinkerbell earrings
Auntie reading her card