Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Year End Dance Recital

Savanna had another successful year in dance. She LOVES dance! This year for her year end recital she danced to a tweety bird song... seriously so stinkin' cute! You can't help but just smile when you watch all these cute little girls shake their stuff. Savanna decided she wanted to audition for the competition team for next year and she did great. She made the mini divis and is really excited. And so it begins...
She can be so silly!
Seriously, one of my favorite pictures. It doesn't get much cuter than these two!!!
BEST FRIENDS... Katie and Savanna
She was so excited about all her different presents family brought her... flowers, chocolate covered pretzels, edible fruit arrangements which included chocolate covered strawberries... hard to be so loved!
Aunt Kelsi and Savanna
Miss Bri... oh what would we do without Miss Bri. Savanna runs and jumps in her arms every time she sees her! We love Miss Bri!
Little Brother is her biggest fan!
Grandma Howell and Grandma Kimball are SO supportive!

Savanna Pre School Graduation

All I can say is WE LOVE KINDER PREP PRESCHOOL! This year has been so amazing... Savanna has grown and learned SOOOOO much! Miss Melissa is truly gifted in working with and teaching children. Savanna adores her and is looking forward to one more year with her. Savanna had the opportunity to attend her normal 3-4 year old class and also the older 4-5 year old class. The older class challenged her a bit more than her regular class, which she needed!!! And she loved making all the extra friends. So here are some fun pictures of her at both graduations! I think I am more excited for her to start school again just to see how much more she will grow and learn this year ... I am so proud of my little smarty pants!