Monday, March 28, 2011

VIVA Las Vegas

So last weekend we had the chance to head down to Vegas for some MUCH NEEDED FUN TIME! Josh had to go to an auction for work so I totally tagged along! This would be one of the perk I get for my husband working for my dad! We seriously, had such a great time!!! We ate at amazing restaurants, shopped , walked the strip, shopped some more, went country dancing, shopped some more, and just enjoyed being away! We gambled a little bit too... which normally I hate. I don't see the point in throwing away perfectly good shopping money. But this trip we kind of got REALLY lucky... made our shopping day even better!!! As Savanna would say, "Oooh Snap!" We were even more lucky to have a sweet girl in my ward that Savanna and Makade just love... Emily! She is 18 and such a great babysitter! She is normally incredibly busy, but we were lucky enough to snag her for the weekend to watch the kids and she did a fabulous job. They were very happy which made me very happy! So it was just me, Josh, my dad, little sister Kelsi and her boyfriend Mitch. Sadly, my mom was in Tennessee visiting my sister and her family... hopefully when they move here we can do a trip with ALL of us! My dad, of course spoiled us ROTTEN!!! As he usually does... thanks for a great trip dad!

Our first night there, walking the strip, we ran into these fun characters. Kelsi desperately wanted her picture taken with Elvis! You meet the strangest people in Vegas... This trip, I saw so many people dressed up letting us take pictures with them... as long as you tip them! Normally I only see a few, but I think this time I saw over a dozen each day!
One of the guys Josh works with at Kimball's was down in Vegas too for his birthday. They were able to get us great tickets to see Phantom, so we met up with them for the big show. I have see this show a few times in different cities and I have to say Vegas did a darn good job. Christine and the Phantom were AMAZING! Well done, well done!
Kelsi, Mitch, Josh and me.
We normally stay at the Wynn when we go to Vegas but they were booked so instead we stayed at the Venetian. When we arrived my dad decided that he wanted us all in the same room so he upgrade to the the penthouse suite. I tell ya, it's going to be hard to stay in just a regular hotel from now on. This place was amazing! 1 living room, 2 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms... 1 grand piano :)... beautiful!
This was our room in the left wing. We shared with Kelsi and Mitch
And this was my dads room in the right wing!
I came back feeling refreshed and ready to go. I missed my kids like CRAZY but it was so great to spend time with my hubby!

House Projects

Lately, we have been doing a bunch of little projects around the house. We haven't done any in a while so it was time! And I have really missed it. Little ones are fun... it's the big ones that drive me crazy! We, well more ME, wanted to bring some color and warmth on the walls. I have loved the color we had, but its just so plain and every wall is the same. I wanted to spice it up a little so we did an accent wall in the living room and I love it! We also painted the 3 walls in the family room , which I also love! We are still working on the kitchen... we are doing a black splash in there and hopefully, fingers crossed, I can talk Josh into doing a different color on the walls too! He isn't "feeling" it right now, but maybe when the back splash is done, he will! Here's to hoping!
Next, we decided the kids were in desperate need of a toy room... so we moved them into the same room. I wasn't sure how I would feel about a boy and girl sharing a room, but the kids have loved it! And I think it turned out super cute! I don't have any pictures of the toy room yet, because it's not finished. I need to figure out whether to go all out and paint and decorate it, or leave it be and wait to redo it when we have another baby... not sure yet, so until then, here is their room!
As soon as we finish the kitchen, I will post some pictures... can't wait!

Hurry Spring... Hurry and get here!

My kids are going STIR CRAZY!!!! The weather has been playing and teasing us and in my opinion, it's just not fare! The second Savanna and Makade see the sun, they hurry and get dressed and out they go. Seriously, they stayed outside and played for 3 hours the other day without ANY arguing or complaining. I have never understood how kids can play outside, doing NOTHING, for hours on end with no crying, complaining, just pure joy!!! But yet inside with endless amounts of toys , all they do is scream, cry, fight, argue. . . exhausting! So, we are urging Springs arrival!
Here the kids are playing in THE ONLY part of the yard that isn't finished... go figure. Josh and I are trying to figure out what we want to do with this dirt pile bed thingy... ugly! But the kids enjoy making a mess with the rocks and dirt!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Snow Karma

Growing up my family has always loved the snow. Not just because snow is beautiful but because it is essential to our survival. Being in the snow removal business is a tough life... if mother nature cooperates and it snows, we are happy... if mother nature is stingy and decides snow isn't important during the winter months, we STRESS!!! So it's an on going effort around the Kimball/Mitchell household to do anything we can to help the snow angels deliver LOTS OF SNOW! The following our some of the best examples of how our family brings good snow karma. We do the snow dance... this requires your best dancing moves with a little bit of chanting "we love snow, we love snow"! Another would be NEVER CURSE THE SNOW! No matter how bad the storm, we accept it gratefully! Lastly, we keep any and all "snow" decor out for as long as possible. We may put Christmas decor away, but the snowmen and snow flakes stay up until spring has sprung. Here is an example of my snow karma... this just BARELY was taken down and replaces with an Easter wreath. If anyone wants to participate in our good snow karma next year, we gladly accept new friends to the snow advocate group! GO SNOW!
****On a side note, I am very glad spring is close. For the sake of my sanity, and my children's, we are very ready for warm weather!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sleep Over

The night of Makades birthday party, my cute, sweet cousin Cassidy came over to party with us. Savanna LOVES and adores Cass and begs to play with her. So she asked if Cassidy could PLEASE spend the night. Cassidy holds a very special place in my heart. She has been a big part of my life ever since she was a newborn. Way back when, I worked for my Aunt Andrea and helped with 5 of her kids... Lexi, Parker, Madison, McKell and Cassidy. I love all her kids as if they were my own siblings. Park, Kell and Cass were all in my wedding line! I have watched all of them gown up to be amazing, smart and talented teenagers! WOW... how time goes by so fast! Cassidy was so daring and sweet with my kids that night! We had a big slumber party down on the couch ... Savanna was in 7th HEAVEN! She is already begging for another sleep over with Cassidy!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My BIG 2 Year Old...

2 years old... Where did the time go? Makade Joshua Mitchell is the spunk in my life. He keeps me on my toes 24-7. He is the busiest little thing I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and I have a feeling that won't be changing any time soon! He is such a little stinker and then 2 seconds later is the sweetest, most loving cuddle bug ever. He and Savanna truly are best buds and I hope they stay that way as they grow up. He watches and follows her every move and tries to keep up with her! Some of his favorites are chocolate milk, mac and cheese, ANYTHING that classifies as a "snack", his bubbles... oh his bubbles...he carries these things around everywhere, sleeps with them, would bathe with them if I let him. I finally got him some blue ones so he would stop carrying Savannas purple ones! He sleeps with his hands behind his head like he is just chillin', and his new favorite word is "YEAH"and he says it with great umph and vigor! He is incredibly coordinated ... we hope he is our little sports player. Even though he is, in my opinion, the naughtiest little boy EVER, he is my Kader Bader and I love him more that life itself! I have said time and time again, a mothers love for her son is without a doubt, indescribable!!!
Birthday boy with his presents from mom, dad and sister
We gave him this T-Ball set and it was a hit, literally! He hasn't stopped playing with it! And he has quite the swing... my poor walls. SUMMER, PLEASE COME FAST!
Big sister was so much help
This kids LOVES pancakes... so it would only seem fit that for his birthday breakfast we had little pancakes with whipped cream and strawberries! PS, bubbles... a must! Seriously they go with him EVERY WHERE !
Everyone teases me that I make birthdays a week long celebration... not just good enough to celebrate the day, we have to celebrate the entire week! It's hard though when the birthday is in the middle of the week. Most people are super busy so the big get together with friends and family usually happens on the weekend. But then I still want to do a little something on the actual birthday, right!?! Well on Makades birthday night we headed to the Mayan. We have been wanting to take the kids there for a while... figured they would love it and they did. Took us 45 minutes just to get seated and settled before we even ordered. They both were just so intrigued with the atmosphere!
Makade, Savanna and Grandpa and Grandma Howell
Aunt Kelsi, Makade and Savanna
Looking at the water!
Mitch (Kelsi boy friend) and Savanna. My kids ADORE Kelsi and Mitch!
Watching the divers
He totally loved this sparkler candle
He loved the actual cake and ice cream too!
So did everyone else
No matter what the gift is, Makade will "oooh" and "aaah"...even with a shirt or something simple like that. He just LOVES opening gifts.
On this gift, instead of his usually "oooh" and '"aaah" the boy full on SCREAMED! He was more than excited to get his very own cars scooter. And when I say SCREAM, I mean SCREAM! Everyone busted up laughing... so cute! Thanks Grandpa and Grandma Kimball for the best SCREAMING gift!
Oh, my handsome little guy
Makade LOVES to sing. He will belt out at the top of his lungs when music is on. Most of the time we never understand what exactly he is saying or singing but he sure tries. He was SO cute as we sang to him. Belting out "Happy Birthday to ME"
Happy Birthday Makade

Happy Valentines Day

I have always loved Valentines Day... maybe because it's all about love... maybe because my favorite shape is a heart... maybe because it's so close to my birthday... what ever reason, I love it! The kids got a little gift bag full of goodies, a few games and an outfit! Any excuse to give then a gift, I am good with! Totally spaced taking pictures of them opening the gifts, but they loved it!
So, I follow this really cute website that gave me all sorts of fun ideas for valentines day... I did the 7 days before valentines to Josh... just fun, cute little things... this was the last day. I put a note on the door that talked about how lucky I am to have"tied the knot with him" with a big bow tied on the door. Then kids and I put sting all through the house so when he walked in, he had to follow it to the end for his little surprise! Pay no attention to the mess in the background... Savanna wanted to hide the gift in the pantry! But this is what he found at the end... Brown paper packages "tied up with sting" with a few of his "favorite things". He was so sweet and cute and smiled the entire time he followed the sting. I couldn't tell who was more excited, him or the kids!