Saturday, December 13, 2008

Temple Square

Ever since I was a little girl, I can remember going with my family to see the lights at temple square... and I want my kids to have the same memory. So we packed up and bundled up and headed to see the beautiful Christmas lights. We had such a good time and it was actually very warm which made it even more enjoyable. Savy kept saying "cool lights" and loved everything there. It was so much fun to be a mom and watch my baby girl get so excited, like I used to, over such a simple thing as lights. Thanks to my mom for coming with us and sharing in this very fun memory with us!

Train fun

Josh and I decided to put a train around our big Christmas tree this year. Savanna LOVES trains and has loved having this one around the tree. I apparently am not aloud to touch the train, seeing has how every time I do, it derails and Josh has to fix it. Poor Savy has to wait for her daddy to get home until she can even turn the darn thing on! Anywho, I took these pictures and just smile every time I look at them!

Festival of Trees

This year I was privileged to have a few of my students to preform at Festival of Trees. They did SOOOO good. I was so proud and just in awe of how great they did. My good friend Ashleigh started a dance studio and needed some "filler" numbers between her cute girls and I was more than happy to bring my 3 oldest students. Way to go guys! Savanna also loved the trees... we had a lot of fun with just the 2 of us walking around and admiring the hard work and dedication put into the trees.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


In October, yes I said October,(sorry it took so long to get pics) Savanna and I were able to go to Tennessee along with my parents and little sister to visit my older sister while she had her 4th child. We were all so excited to be able to go and be apart of this wonderful experience. We have all been there for every other child birth so you would know that moving 1000 miles across the country was not about to stop us this time! We had such a great time and really enjoyed just being able to hang out with everyone and help Aubrey with her new addition to her family. Breven Memphis Ewing was born October 17, 2008 and weighed 7lb 9oz 21 3/4in. He is so darn cute and it really got me in the spirit to have a little boy in 12 weeks... that's right folks, I only have 12 weeks left! YAY! There were A TON of pictures but these were a few of my favorite!

Savanna and jaxon
Dakota and SavannaMommy and SavyMe and the kidsMommy, Savy, Grandpa and JaxonSavy and OakleeAs Savanna calls him, Baby Breven