Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My ever GROWING belly

I have had so many people ask me about my belly and how big it is and so on... so I thought I would give you all a update at how I am doing and how huge (I feel) my belly is! I now offically have just over 6 weeks left and I am so ready to get this sweet boy OUT! Josh and I both feel he is trying his hardest to break free which is making these last few weeks a little uncomfortable! But very soon we will have the 4th edition to our family and we couldn't be more excited. I feel very unprepared for him but excited none the less! I have put a current picture on here of what I look like today and then I also added a very funny one in!

This picture is of me and my 2 sisters. Aubrey, you can probably guess she is on the left, was "10 "months pregnant in this picture! She had her baby the next day. I (in middle) was 20 weeks pregnant and then Kelsi (on left) who IS NOT PREGNANT... make sure to get that in... was trying very hard to stick her belly out as far as she could to keep up with our bellies! Both sisters are probably going to kill me for putting this on here... but I laugh every time I see it and I just could not resist! :) I personally think my belly just looks plain fat!

My New Toy!!!

So for a long time now, I have complained and complained about my very nice (beater) 1996 Honda Accord with almost 200,000 miles. It really has been a great car but I really have wanted a new one. Now with baby #2 almost here, I have been using my powers of persuasion on Josh to see if I could some how get a new vehicle so our "little family would be safe!!!" And guess what... it worked! There was actually not much begging at all, in fact Josh took me to the dealership and said the time has come! SO...... we got a 2008 GMC Acadia and I LOVE IT!!! Oh it is so nice and I feel like I am living in the lap of luxury! And I was able to sell my Honda on in less than 10 minutes. Yup... I had it sold that fast so I figured that must have been a sign that we were so meant to get a new car! Anywho, I just thought I would share my excitement with everyone because if I haven't mentioned it yet, I AM SO EXCITED and I LOVE MY NEW CAR!

Happy 30th Birthday Josh

Okay okay, I know I am WAY behind on this, but it really has been so crazy the last few months that I have not even posted my sweet husbands 30th birthday party! His birthday was in November, but better late than never... I thought I would pay tribute to the most amazing and important man in my life and him reaching the 30 year marker. In thinking about what I could do for him, I knew I had to do something BIG and make a fuss because he is always so private and shy about events such as this. So I decided the best way to do that would be to surprise him with a party where a few of his closest friends and family could share in this special day too! It turned out SOOOOO great and the best part was he never suspected a thing! He was so caught off guard and surprised... it was GREAT! We had a nice dinner and conversation with many important people in his life! I also decided the best way to embarrass him would be to do a "roast" in his honor (and horror) which was not a let down. There were great stories shared and funny memories reminisced on and everyone did great. But I must say, hands down, his friend Chris did the most amazing job. His roast included hand outs with pictures he had created... it was hilarious. Hopefully I can post it and you can all share in the laugh that we had! I think everyone there learned something new about Josh that night. :) All in all it was a very fun night and a great birthday for my sweet hubby! Josh, I love you more than life and I am so grateful to be married to such an amazing husband and father. We have shared A LOT of memories together and I look forward to the many many many more to come! Happy 30th Birthday BABE!

I also included my little Savanna in on the cake... we didn't do a family party for her birthday because I was doing this. She was so proud to have everyone sing to her too and she LOVED the cake!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


My family is major University of Utah fans. My dad, my brother- in- law and myself have all graduated from the U and my little sister is currently attending school there... so you can imagine the fun night we had watching the Sugar Bowl. We got all decked out in our U of U outfits and had a great time watching the big game. GO UTES!!!

Oh they are so cute! Daddy and Savanna
Oaklee and Savanna
The "gang"
Jaxon and Savanna

U of U cheerleaders... Savanna kept screaming "GO UTAH!"

Chrsitmas 2008

Merry Christmas! We have had an eventful Christmas this year but the best part has been having my sister and her kids here. I have really not enjoyed them living in Tennessee these past 3 years but I am grateful they were able to come here for 3 weeks! Savanna has played and played with her cousins and really enjoyed having playmates here in "her domain!" It was pretty sickening to see how much Santa, parents, and grandparents ,spoiled all the kids... I swear they just kept opening and opening gifts! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

Savy and Oaklee xmas eve in their pjs!
Savy got a baby doll and all the fun stuff to go with it
Oaklee got an easy bake oven and the girls have been bakers all week!

Their little baker outfits

Park City

So for the past year, my parents have been remodeling their 2nd home up in Park City. It is soooo close to being done and we are so excited to be able to go up there and relax and just have fun. We ran up there the other day to check the progress and Savanna and "her boys" went outside in the freezing snow. I snapped this picture real fast and I absolutely love it! Savanna LOVES Jaxon and Dakota and she will miss them very much when they leave!

I just love her new hat and so does she!

Christmas Brunch

Every year our family goes to Willow Creek Country Club to have their annual Christmas Sunday Brunch and this year was no different. We had such a good time seeing the Kimball side of the family. It has been SO MUCH FUN having my sister and her family here from Tennessee too. Here are some really fun pictures of them in their cute Sunday/Christmas outfits.

Our Little Family
Savanna wouldn't sit on Santa's lap without me... stubborn little girl!

Me, cousin Lexi, cousin Cassidy and Savanna

Savanna and cousin Cassidy