Monday, December 7, 2009

Family fun part 2

Okay, I finally figured out my computer. I love my mac but I have only known how to use a pc so learning all the new functions has been difficult for me... slowly but surly I am catching on! Here are a few more photos of our fun day in the mountains!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Family Fun

Before the snow hit and it got too cold, we decided to head on up to our beautiful mountains and have some fun! 6 4- wheelers + 4 joiners + 1 razor + 1 dirt bike + 1 camper + a bunch of family and friends = lots and lots of fun! My aunt got some really good pictures, but of course I can't figure out how to transfer them from my email, to my computer and then to my blog. One day I will be computer smart! So these are just a few I snapped!

Black Eyed Boy

So, Makade is now mobile and into everything. The kid is more trouble than I can handle! And as you can see he doesn't have very good judgement. He runs into more walls, chairs, beds, couches... you name it and he either crawls into it or just falls over and bonks his head. Here is his very first black eye! As he was trying to stand up by a chair, he lost his grip and hit the chair. When he looked up he instantly had a big black eye. I felt awful, like I was the worst mom ever for not "watching" him closer. Then a friend told me that her pediatrician once said "if your kid isn't getting bruises or bumps than you are watching him too closely... let them be a kid!" I think if that is true, I am doing a VERY GOOD job! But really, it wouldn't matter how close I watch him. He will crawl right into the wall with both Josh and I sitting there. He is such a boy! I sure love you Kader!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Princess Savanna

I can not believe my little baby girl is officially 3 years old! Where did the time go? She is such a blessing in my life... I am so grateful to have her as my baby girl! We had a fun time at Disney Princess, as you already saw, and then on her actual birthday we had some friends and family over for some very yummy cake and ice cream. The child was spoiled beyond spoiled and I am trying to figure out how to begin to top that for Christmas or even the next birthday! Her favorite gift was her Cinderella doll with her Cinderella dress! I love you Savanna!
Happy Birthday baby girl!
Opening gifts... it was like Christmas morning!
Grandma Kimball
Grandpa Kimball
"Ola" aka Nola
Uncle Jay and Auntie
Cousin Kylee, Grandma and Grandpa Howell
Me and Liv givin' each other loves!