Monday, October 12, 2009

Summer trip to Tennessee 2009

Okay, I know I am so behind on my blogging. It has been a very busy month so I have a lot to catch up on... so here we go!
For our summer vacation this year, we decided to head to Tennessee to visit my sister and her family. Savanna adores her kids and misses them terribly, so we were all really excited to go there and play with them. While we were there, we thought it would be fun to head to a little town called Gatlinburg. They live right outside of Nashville, and Gatlinburg is only a 3 hour drive from there, so we packed up the cars and headed out! They all did really well.. even Makade who is now 7 months and her little boy Breven who is 11 months. In Gatlinburg, we went to the amusement park Dollywood....SOOOO MUCH FUN! Savanna loved the rides!
So Gatlinburg is considered to be in the Tennessee "mountains". Of course, I laughed, seeing as we live around REAL mountains, but it was still pretty and mountainesque! We rented a super nice cabin that was huge. Had 3 bedrooms, kitchen, 2 living rooms, pool table, hot tub, sauna, and a theater room. We were there for 5 days and loved every minute of it!
The main strip of Gatlinburg reminds me a lot of main street in Park City. Just fun and quaint! We had a fun time just walking around and looking at all the fun shops!
We also went on a "bear hunt". Although because of the kids, we did it in the car! We ended up just driving through the national park there and just getting out to take pictures. The boys were disappointed we didn't see any bears, but I wasn't!
We also had the kids pictures taken. My mom is really big on pictures so she begged us to get some done while all the kids were together. The photographer was darling with the kids and got some great ones. We don't have them back yet, but these are ones that I just snapped behind her with my camera! So stinkin' cute!
Dakota, Jaxon (Top), Oaklee, Makade, Breven, Savanna (Bottom)
All in all, we just had a great time. We miss the Ewing terribly and can' t wait for the day when they move back home to UTAH!


Mike and Jen said...

It looks like you had so much fun your next trip will have to be to visit us! ;)

*We're Unplugged* said...

You guys have the cutest stinkin' kids. My husband is jealous of your trip. He served his mission in Nashville and really wants to go back!

Grandma said...

ok, I haven't cried, not once, about the fact that I wasn't there because I was just so happy that you all could be together. Now I have seen picts and now I am crying. Cute pictures Chele! Painful, but CUTE!!