Monday, October 12, 2009

Play date

Savanna has the 2 cutest girls that live in our circle. And best part is, they are her age. Liv is just 1 year older than her and Katie is just 6 month older. They love being together. Whether it's riding bikes around the circle, running around and screaming, or just playing! The 3 moms have decided to try and do a play date every month and have the girls over to the different houses to do activities. Last month was my month and I had the girls make these cute necklaces. Oh they loved it and had a blast making them. that of course was followed by the girls just running around and playing. They were even hugging each other and saying "you are my best friend!" Oh, so so so cute!!!
Of course, Kade wanted to be a part of the fun too! Luckily Liv has a little brother Kades age... thank heavens he has a "boy" to play with!

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